Vix Southgate


Vix has extensive art and design training, creative thinking and communication skills which enable her to see the big picture on any project and communicate it effectively.

She has developed books from conception to publication and has a good understanding of all the processes involved in producing a quality product.

In 2010 she began researching Russian achievements in Space Exploration and was sponsored by The British Council to publish Yuri Gagarin – The First Spaceman in time for the 50th Anniversary of his spaceflight in April 2011.

Yuri Gagarin – The First Spaceman is an illustrated introduction to Yuri Gagarin and his historic significance, written for children but read and enjoyed by all.

This publication sparked an interest in Space exploration and Vix is now researching the US and UK achievements as well as being the developer of CASSiE – a creative marketing initiative to help inspire and inform any age of children about spaceflight and exploration.

Vix Southgate has been writing stories and poems all her life. She was inspired by Dr Seuss, Roald Dahl and Spike Milligan, and has a catalogue of over 300 poems, silly rhymes, and rhyming stories.

Vix is currently writing books for children about Forestry, Sawmills and Timber Merchants, as well as other children story books, CASSiE adventures, storyboarding for animation and a biography.

Vix also offers fact-checking, proof-reading and editing services for publishers and individuals.

Vix’s main aim is to impart information in creative and innovative ways which engage with children and initiate life-long interests and passions.


Vix is available for talks, readings, literary festivals, schools events, and more.


Follow Vix on Twitter: @Victrix75


Vix is a STEM Ambassador and is DBS certified.