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The Moon


The first in a series of books aimed at the more advanced 5-8 yr olds. The Moon is a picture book with a rhyming dialogue between a child and her Uncle which impart fun facts about the universe.

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The Boat Journey

PREVIEW The Boat Journey

A fictional picture book for 0-5 yr olds written from the perspective of an explorer in a small boat on the perilous ocean. What dangerous creatures will he encounter?

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Poetry and Other Writing

Poems, short stories and articles are available to read, by request.

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retro burn over Africa

Book Illustration

A collection of illustrations for children’s books, competition entries, and Vix’s contributions to collaborative illustration projects.

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Illustrated Poetry

A collection of Vix’s poetry, illustrated with her drawings and photographs.

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Russia Visit

Vix was invited by The British Embassy to visit Moscow. During her trip she was a Guest of Honour at Russian school #1239. Vix gave a short talk and gifted 160 books. The school specialises in teaching English from an early age. Vix says “It was superb to see the joy on the youngest children’s […]

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