Vix Southgate

Vix Southgate has a number of Personal projects that are have already been started, some are closer to completion than others and she has several more ideas that need your support if they are to become a reality.

Support can be given in whatever way you desire!

Support can be given through: Financial contributions, commissioning an existing idea, commissioning your own idea or by providing professional advice, services or resources.

In order to complete the current titles (detailed below) Vix needs help to:

  • Complete the illustrations
  • Complete book layouts for printing
  • Publish and Print a short run of the book
  • Distribute the book
  • Develop digital and interactive versions of the book


Current Titles:

Do Spiders Have Ears? –  Available to Download as an iBook on iTunes

This is an endearing story about how spiders ‘hear’ the world around them. It is quirky and fun as well as including facts, in order to educate and inform.

Do Spiders Have Ears? is completed but would benefit from being available as a physical book.

The Moon

This is a quirky yet factually accurate rhyming story about the Phases of the Moon.

The Moon requires: Illustrations, digital formatting, print quality formatting and a short print run.

An Illustrated Alphabet

Not just any alphabet book; each page contains as many illustrate-able words beginning with that letter for the children to learn and recognise.

I am keen to create an interactive version of this book for further educational opportunities.

Pages A and B are complete.

An Illustrated Alphabet requires: All other pages need illustrating, digital formatting and interactivity, print format and short print run.

The Boat Journey

This is the first completed example of Vix’s purely fictional stories which captures the imagination of a child at bath time enacting a sea-faring adventure.

The Boat Journey is ready to be printed in black and white as a colouring-in story and/or, with a little more work on the illustrations, it can be finished to produce a delightful picture book.


Series’ for development:

Life Skills books:  Introducing essential skills for life that are not currently addressed enough in primary schools.

People who can support by helping to provide content for this project would need to have specific knowledge of:


Social Media

Online Gaming

Child psychology

Industry and Careers books:  Providing essential information that can help inspire career choices.

The Timber Industry - Complete

The Space Industry

The Media Industry

The Financial Industry

Introduction to the wide variety of career options within a skill set:

Creative Industries

Scientific Industries

Manufacturing Industries