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CASSiE – The Cosmic Hedgehog is a Space Mascot for use in education as a creative learning tool. Her main goal is to engage with even the youngest children in order to develop an early fascination in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects by using Space Exploration as the inspirational world.

CASSiE wants to initiate a life-long passion for space exploration.

How you can help CASSiE:

CASSiE needs YOU to utilise her as part of your existing projects, especially those that focus on Space, Technology and Engineering.

CASSiE and members of her family are available to take trips to the edge of space on educational balloon experiments, visit your classrooms and events and inspire your children, but she needs your help to organise the missions.

CASSiE has a range of early learning books in development and she would like your input to ensure she is providing you with what you need.


CASSiE also needs your support, through social media, and spreading-the-word to Children across the Globe that she exists and is ready to inspire the next generation!


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CASSiE’s Adventure Blog is updated by the schools and universities that run CASSiE missions.

We also lost the first miniCASSiE twice – you can read her stories here.


CASSiE’s Adventure Gallery