Vix Southgate


Belka and Strelka Cover art

Dogs in Space

Dogs in Space – UK Edition The Amazing True Story of Belka & Strelka, two strays from the streets of Moscow, who became… SPACE DOGS!

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ygtfs 2nd Edition

Yuri Gagarin – The First Spaceman (New Edition) Paperback

Yuri Gagarin – The First Spaceman  NEW EDITION with Vostok Cosmonauts. Includes extra pages

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Coming Soon

A complete timeline of Gagarin’s tour of Britain in 1961. Interactive iBook allows you to send your personal stories and pictures of Gagarin in Britain. Available on iBooks VERY SOON!     A timeline of Goddard’s life and achievements. Purchase this innovative book and interact with the author to compile the most comprehensive timeline of Goddard’s […]

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Russia Visit

Vix was invited by The British Embassy to visit Moscow. During her trip she was a Guest of Honour at Russian school #1239. Vix gave a short talk and gifted 160 books. The school specialises in teaching English from an early age. Vix says “It was superb to see the joy on the youngest children’s […]

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