Vix Southgate

Other writing

Excerpts from a selection of other works by Vix Southgate.

‘Wish you were here’  - Play script.

A hopeful play with a twist.

‘The Commute’   - Radio Play script.

A daily commute which starts as a love story, becomes a mystery… but how will it end?

“Platform 4 love” - Play script.

A play set in Yorkshire.


‘Virtual Reality’ – (Teen – adult) – Novel about the changes in social interaction.

It was a balmy spring evening and the sky was a rich azure. There was a gentle fragrance emitting from the lilac tree that permeated the air with a soft scent of hope.  Whilst sitting on a weather-worn bench – listening to the cawing of the rooks hastily making their nests high in the trees – Elizabeth closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Breathing in a sweet fragrance; a smell so vivid that it transported her immediately to a garden she knew well; with its immaculately manicured borders. A garden she had visited many times before, strolling hand in hand with the man of her dreams.

His deep brown eyes make contact with hers. Smiling at each other, they take a detour through part of an unkempt wood, into their favourite clearing.  The tall yews towering over them, casting a dappled light onto the sparse growth beneath their feet. He turns and embraces her, gently lowering her down onto the needle strewn ground and lies next to her. He takes her hand as they look up, through the intertwined arms of the yews, to the clear sky beyond.  A slight breeze dances through the branches and brushes their faces, which, freshened by the smell of the yew, slows their breathing and they drift into a deep sleep.

Time passes unnoticed by the couple beneath the rough red branches and as the sun sets; its rays cast an ochre hue over them.  Gradually the hum of the first bumble bee of the season, enticed by the scent of the lilac, stirs Elizabeth from her slumber only to find that the man of her dreams is, once again where he seems to stay; in her dreams. 


‘Heidi’ – (Teen) – Short story about a young girl’s unforgettable experience one day at school

I once had a skirt I could twizzle

It made all the other kids giggle

Whilst playing a game

It got caught in a flame

And my skirt burnt away with a fizzle.

I wrote that limerick after receiving a seemingly harmless present. I didn’t really burn it!  It actually shrank in the heat of my parents new dryer – much to my Mum’s disappointment, but not to mine!


‘The Schoolmaster’s Farewell’ – Short story.

The Schoolmaster was leaving the village, and everybody – even Geraldine Faber, who lost her job at the school after rumours were started by a jealous school girl – seemed sorry. Everyone thought it was unfair dismissal but she accepted it as ‘for the best’ and got a nice secretarial job at the doctors’ surgery. It was Geraldine that spear-headed the select committee who decided they would send him off in style!…


‘The Dragon Isle’ 

My life, until that moment, had been full of work and loneliness. I lost sight of reality. I had been so consumed by the story I was researching, over the past year, that I was constantly lost in imaginings. It had become an obsession. I was beginning to believe that the world I was creating was real, but it can’t be… can it?