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This page is intended for anyone wishing to inspire children with factual information.

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Research Resources (Note: any copyright infringement unintentional; please contact me if you would like these resources removed)

  • Newspaper Articles

- Daily Worker 08/07/61 - 10/07/61 - 11/07/61 - 12/07/61 - 13/07/61 - 14/07/61 - 15/07/61
- Guardian 12/07/61 - 14/07/61
- The Times 15/07/61
- Manchester Evening News 11/07/61

- Royal Society Programme 1 2 3 4 Menu
- Gagarin’s visit to the Royal Society PDF.

Teaching Resources

The presentations are intended for use in schools by the teaching staff. More in-depth talks and workshops focussing on both Yuri Gagarin and Human Spaceflight are available

  • Space  –  Space Travel with Yuri Gagarin (KS1 KS2) (save to disk recommended) – Teachers’ packs (KS1 KS2)
  • Planets  –  Our Solar System (coming soon)

Activity Sheets (Not interactive; please print)

Yuri Gagarin Links

Yuri Gagarin Images

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