Vix Southgate

Russia Visit

Vix was invited by The British Embassy to visit Moscow. During her trip she was a Guest of Honour at Russian school #1239. Vix gave a short talk and gifted 160 books. The school specialises in teaching English from an early age.

Vix says “It was superb to see the joy on the youngest children’s faces when they received a copy of my book. Although they are just beginning to learn English, I was told that my English book about their national hero will be a perfect teaching aid.”

Also during her visit, Vix met with Nataliya Koroleva (daughter of The Chief Designer, Sergei Korolev – The man who put Gagarin in space) for research purposes.


Vix Southgate, Nataliya Koroleva and Alexandra Smirnova (translator) in Nataliya’s Moscow home and Korolev museum.